The Dementia of Magic
by Nicholas Killewald
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A slice of comic for Monday , November 24 , 2003:


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Cheers. Welcome to the Dementia of Magic, a somewhat silly plot-grounded comic, updated MWF. Sit back, enjoy, read the story, have a look around, just have a nutty good time. And hey, hit up the forum or drop me an email.

If you're new here, you're best off starting from the beginning. It's quite a bit plot-dependent.

(or maybe you want older news?)

October 15, 2003:

You want more DMR entries? You've got 'em.

  • Carzorthade, where someone's online personas catch up with his real life.
  • CTRL+C/V/Z, the only sprite comic with an FPS rating.
  • Count Your Sheep, a comic that manages to be really cute and yet retain an edge to it.

Go read. What've you got to lose? More webcomiccy goodness is always good.

Spam out.

October 13, 2003:

There's more Fanart in Beans. It's by Petie. It uses his latest inking style. You know you want it.

One other request... if you folk are new around here, could you please at least give me some feedback? Like, stop by the forum and say something? C'mon. I'm dying here. I'd start something, but I've got no clue what you people like.

Spam out.

October 10, 2003:

Mayhaps you should check out Labgoats, Inc. all month. Petie's going all-out with a Ghastlycrumb Tinies parody, spanning all over the webcomic world. Go on! Give it a looksee! He's working hard to make sure it looks like the original.

Spam out.

October 6, 2003:

Yes, I was waiting until this point in the plot to put up a cast page for Marzos. So go enjoy.

Spam out.

October 2, 2003:

Check this. I've got a guest strip up over at BoxJam's Doodle. I mean, come on. Check it. The guy's in a bit of a financial crush, so I figured the least I could do was give him a guest strip, right? Right.

Of course, its equivilant entry is up in Beans.

Spam out.

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